Company Video Profile Presentations

Part of any company introduction for Marketing is a company profile presentation, this can be in the form of Powerpoint presentation but nowadays it is preferred to be in the form of video presentation and we are the experts on that! Our featured client for today is Glasgow Boiler Installations and they offer boiler replacement services. They have been very well accommodating and we were well supported for the whole duration of the shoot. We will be providing you with helpful tips and sharing you our experience with them in this article.

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Protect your camera from Humidity and Fungus

After a visit from a heating expert (if you are looking for the best Boiler Installation in Perth, you can count on the guys from Perth Heating Solutions) I remembered that one of the most basic pieces of equipment of my trade has an everyday enemy much more dangerous than falls, blows, or dust. We are talking not about dropping your camera in the water, no. We are talking about humidity.

I’m talking more specifically about excess humidity and Scotland is a region where humidity levels are always extremely high. This factor can damage the lenses and electronic components of your camera if you don’t pay attention.

A closed, dark, and poorly ventilated place. Does it sound familiar to you? Is this like the drawer or the closet in which you keep your camera? If so, you should be concerned about humidity, and the appearance of fungi (such as mold) as well, because the latter find in the combination of humidity and darkness the perfect ecosystem to develop and appear on any surface.

In addition to the appearance of fungi, an environment with too much humidity can cause some of the sensors or electronic components to become humid and the camera fails or ends up damaged.

Do not panic! Whether you are professional or amateur, I bet you love your camera and don’t want anything to happen to it. Rest assured, controlling excess humidity in a closed and relatively small space is easier than you think and you won’t have to adjust the heating in your house every hour or call a boiler technician every month.

To begin with, manufacturers of cameras, lenses, lenses … have already thought about the problem of humidity.

But we also recommend the following tips:

Do not store your equipment in a closed environment

Avoid closets, and if your home or office tends to accumulate a lot of humidity, there are products such as silica gel bags that help decrease it. Be careful not to use the bags that come in shoe boxes, wallets, and other packaged products, as these have already reached their useful life and they will not work for you to protect your camera.

Our advice is to buy new and larger silica gel bags. In the market there are a variety of products to eliminate humidity in open spaces, our advice is that when making your purchase, consult a specialist.

Do not buy a bottle and use it with your equipment, because you will eat all the humidity and we go to the opposite case already mentioned and also harmful. If you are careful you will not have problems, but if you do not have them all, you can always buy a device that measures relative humidity.

Too low a humidity could cause the lubricant in the mechanical parts of your camera to dry out, which would increase the risk of failure (and the operation would not be the most adequate). So what should we do to take care of our treasure?

The wise thing to do is make the equipment out for a walk. Give it the air and the sun. UV rays kill fungus. But if what happens is that you are going to keep your equipment for a long time …

Every now and then take it apart and put it in the sun for a while

We can also choose to put a UV lamp in the place where we store the camera and lenses (as some photographers seem to do). UV rays to power!

The maintenance of the boilers in your house is also important. Not only for your own well-being but to extend the life of your camera and other electronic devices sensitive to excess humidity.

Use dehumidifiers, which is an expensive option due to its price and electricity consumption (a not recommended solution).

What other measures do you use to protect your camera? Explain it using the comments section.

New Safety measures to film during COVID Pandemic

Filming is not an activity that can be developed remotely. Yes, pre-production and post-production, could be done electronically. But anyone who has ever been on a film knows the high degree of improvisation and the enormous amount of physical contact that goes into it.

That has had to be minimized. For the time being, the usual stream of orders that are made on paper will be done digitally, and there is a document created by each production company that absolutely clarifies all the steps to be carried out.

People who go to a shoot must have taken the accredited medical test that certifies that they neither suffer from nor can they infect COVID-19.

It even breaks down how the transport is carried out until the recording. The protocol of the UK Cinema Association adds: “These workers will provide an affidavit of having been in isolation from the date of the test until their incorporation.”

In both, the daily temperature measurement of those who access the filming is ensured as fundamental.

Other tips that can be added are:

• Use of thermometers at the doors of the filming areas.

• Constant disinfection of clothing and facilities.

• Obligatory use of gloves and masks by the recording staff.

• Individualized use of headphones and makeup material.

• Minimum teams of people on the sets

• That any object used in filming can be tracked.

There are many more steps. Since it is not only about creating a safe working environment but to preserve hygiene in each step of the process. In fact, many organizations have already explained what type of masks each member of the shoot will use depending on their work.

Faced with the possibility of creating a “safe space for the recording equipment in a hotel or apartments”, the answer has not left many doubts: it may be that the actors could be preserved in that environment, but it is extremely complex to lock up absolutely the entire team that participates in production (and by the way, it is obvious, quite expensive). So we can only follow common sense and follow strict rules to continue creating audiovisual productions.

Inspection Support & Report Generation

We have all read paper inspection reports which are dry and uninteresting even if ‘spiced-up’ by static colour photographs: Even if these are transposed onto computer files, they are no-less inhibiting.

The use of the international web, technological advancements and synergies between the inspection companies and report generators is now revolutionising the means of transmitting report information to the client.

Routine inspection reports may cover car sales, house surveys, building insurance structural surveys, inaccessible properties (roofs, towers, chimneys, trees), pre-construction surveys and quantification of repair work.

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Property Development Projects

The process of developing residential and commercial property sites can span many years. Well planned recording of development projects can make a big difference to facilitating the overall process.

Land-owners and investors need to be assured of financial success and an environmentally sound final product. Planning officers need to see well thought through plans; including design conception, well-engineered delivery, and environmentally sympathetic outcomes. Purchasers and lease-holders want to feel they have a well-engineered product with adequate utilities and good local support services.
A set of OHVC videos has recently convinced a regional developer to broaden the coverage we offer. A housing development with adjacent commercial facilities was recorded from initiating groundworks to fitting out and local landscaping.

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Business Promotions & Marketing

Every commercial enterprise lives and dies by its marketing: Be it a one-man single trader or a large multinational organisation the ability to attract clients, staff and appropriate suppliers, could be the difference between success and failure. Promoting your work and your company and delivering the right company image are key in today’s modern, fast moving business environment.


The internet handles well over 90% of the worlds business promotion – marketing on the web matters! The use of static, individual soundless photographs is no longer how to attract attention: Scripted videos with verbal and musical soundtracks, taken from multiple and unusual, eye-catching angles have a far greater impact on the people seeking goods and services.

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Event Recordings & Promotions

Each event has an individual atmosphere, which can not be captured by still pictures, as per old fashioned newspapers and magazines. Modern media formats are better able to generate the desired effect by including video and sound recordings from the event.


Whether the event is a sporting activity, a commercial enterprise, a festival, a charity event or a personal family gathering, OHVC video recordings specialise in capturing the atmosphere of the sights and sounds of the day. Our edited and scripted video films are used widely for commercial promotion of repeated events, historical recording of achievement, organisational website enhancement and for personal enjoyment and recollection.

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