New Safety measures to film during COVID Pandemic

Filming is not an activity that can be developed remotely. Yes, pre-production and post-production, could be done electronically. But anyone who has ever been on a film knows the high degree of improvisation and the enormous amount of physical contact that goes into it.

That has had to be minimized. For the time being, the usual stream of orders that are made on paper will be done digitally, and there is a document created by each production company that absolutely clarifies all the steps to be carried out.

People who go to a shoot must have taken the accredited medical test that certifies that they neither suffer from nor can they infect COVID-19.

It even breaks down how the transport is carried out until the recording. The protocol of the UK Cinema Association adds: “These workers will provide an affidavit of having been in isolation from the date of the test until their incorporation.”

In both, the daily temperature measurement of those who access the filming is ensured as fundamental.

Other tips that can be added are:

• Use of thermometers at the doors of the filming areas.

• Constant disinfection of clothing and facilities.

• Obligatory use of gloves and masks by the recording staff.

• Individualized use of headphones and makeup material.

• Minimum teams of people on the sets

• That any object used in filming can be tracked.

There are many more steps. Since it is not only about creating a safe working environment but to preserve hygiene in each step of the process. In fact, many organizations have already explained what type of masks each member of the shoot will use depending on their work.

Faced with the possibility of creating a “safe space for the recording equipment in a hotel or apartments”, the answer has not left many doubts: it may be that the actors could be preserved in that environment, but it is extremely complex to lock up absolutely the entire team that participates in production (and by the way, it is obvious, quite expensive). So we can only follow common sense and follow strict rules to continue creating audiovisual productions.