Business Promotions & Marketing

Every commercial enterprise lives and dies by its marketing: Be it a one-man single trader or a large multinational organisation the ability to attract clients, staff and appropriate suppliers, could be the difference between success and failure. Promoting your work and your company and delivering the right company image are key in today’s modern, fast moving business environment.


The internet handles well over 90% of the worlds business promotion – marketing on the web matters! The use of static, individual soundless photographs is no longer how to attract attention: Scripted videos with verbal and musical soundtracks, taken from multiple and unusual, eye-catching angles have a far greater impact on the people seeking goods and services.

Whether it be an individual local gas fitter, a regional environmental waste company, a large national foot-ware manufacturer or a multi-national oil company all need to exhibit a positive message to their stake-holders – clients, potential staff, suppliers and share-holders all need to feel reassured that they are in contact with and utilising the right organisation.


Recently a well-established, family owned, manufacturing company wanted to expand and needed capital: Bank loans just didn’t fit the bill and so finding a partner or going public with a share offering was investigated. However, although they had a working company website, their marketing just wasn’t attracting the interest they needed to find a new partner or make a share offering successful.

As investment advisers were directing potential investors to their website, the old images of static buildings, vehicles and offices were putting people off from reading about the capabilities of the company – buried deeper in the extensive text.

Together with a marketing specialist, OHVC was contracted to revitalise the website with active videos and verbal over-recording. Many of the company staff were involved and recorded happily at their work: Videos covered raw-materials handling, computerised design activities, machining and quality control processes, goods despatch, and client handling activities: All showing a modern, efficient, controlled manufacturing process. However, what made the web-site unique were the video footage of staff recreational activities and facilities, demonstrating the strong loyalty and positive working environment generated throughout the company.

This web-site enhancement has not only generated significant investor interest, but has increased the number of persons applying for staff vacancies within the company.


Many companies are now requesting similar overhaul of their aging web-sites.