Company Video Profile Presentations

Part of any company introduction for Marketing is a company profile presentation, this can be in the form of Powerpoint presentation but nowadays it is preferred to be in the form of video presentation and we are the experts on that! Our featured client for today is Glasgow Boiler Installations and they offer boiler replacement services. They have been very well accommodating and we were well supported for the whole duration of the shoot. We will be providing you with helpful tips and sharing you our experience with them in this article.

First thing that you must consider for a Video Presentation is the Creative brief. The creative brief is a document submitted to a creative agency or professionals like us to understand the whole project. It usually has seven elements and this would include the Background and Objectives – mainly what the company wants to achieve out of it. Next is the Audience – for whom should the video be intended for? Are they males or females? What is the age group? What are their interests? After identifying the audience, the third element is the WHO WE ARE part – this is where the company’s image is built and this is where they show how they want to be perceived. Next, is the what the company is offering and the message that they want to convey to their audience. And then, the most important part, what is the unique selling proposition of the company – what can they offer that others cannot? Last, more for the creative agency or professionals (for us), are the limitations of the project, guidelines, budget and contact persons. It could look like a lot of work but it should be easy as long as the company knows what they want and that they are flexible enough especially when the creative professionals have suggestions or other ideas.

In the case of Glasgow Boiler Installations, their Marketing team has been very clear of what they wanted so it was not hard to execute the details. They just wanted to have a clear profile and focus on showcasing their expertise. In their video, it was emphasized that they are already 20 years in the business and their concentration is on gas boiler installations as well as repairs and servicing. Keypoints that were reiterated are: the company follows the highest safety and quality standards, they offer competitive local prices, they are a trustworthy company and they offer quality and boilers and appliances from the most popular brands such as Worcester, Vaillant, Potterton, Vokera, Ideal, Glow Worm, Baxi and Stelrad. Other highlights include the reviews and recommendations from their existing customers which says the company and its employees are very professional, they have excellent and quick service and that it is highly recommended. It also included short talks from the Head Engineer, long time employees and regular staff about how they were happy with the company and how the company helped them. Of course, at the end, the location was indicated and for Glasgow people there, it is in 31 Queen Elizabeth Gardens, Suite B, Glasgow and the areas they are servicing include: Glasgow City, Gorbals, Dowanhill, Giffnack, Shawlands, Kelvinside, Hillhead, Partick, King’s Park, Broomhill, Thornwood, Rutherglen and Pollokshaws. The video turned our really simple but very impactful!

The key to to coming up with a good company video presentation is really understanding what the company wants and really knowing them, so that the audience will believe it! If you have ideas about Company Video Presentations or experiences that you would like to share, feel free to contact us, we will be glad to hear you out!