Event Recordings & Promotions

Each event has an individual atmosphere, which can not be captured by still pictures, as per old fashioned newspapers and magazines. Modern media formats are better able to generate the desired effect by including video and sound recordings from the event.


Whether the event is a sporting activity, a commercial enterprise, a festival, a charity event or a personal family gathering, OHVC video recordings specialise in capturing the atmosphere of the sights and sounds of the day. Our edited and scripted video films are used widely for commercial promotion of repeated events, historical recording of achievement, organisational website enhancement and for personal enjoyment and recollection.

A recent weekend at Gatcome Field in Ayreshire gave OHVC the opportunity to deliver a set of highly professional videos to the joint organisers of this major event; many extracts of which will have been seen on television and U-Tube.

The event started on a very overcast Saturday morning with a fashion show held in the marquee: Video of backstage preparation, extensive fashion modelling and audience appreciation was enhanced by recordings of the music, individual comments and our lighting modifications.

Saturday afternoon included sporting activities organised brilliantly by a regional disability charity who managed to successfully incorporate sporting competition for able-bodied and disabled competitors: Sports included cycling, kayaking, go-kart racing, aerial drone racing and a half marathon. There were also many less competitive ‘’sports’’ such as pillow fighting, water-dunking, rock climbing, supported tight-rope walking and trampolining. A lively exhilarating afternoon was enhanced by a very atmospheric steel-band.  All this was captured by our video technicians utilising aerial photography from multiple drones.

The evening was dominated by a pop concert, including regional and local bands. There was also an opportunity for local individuals to show their talent; this seemed to be particularly popular with the crowd. Very atmospheric videos and sound recordings were supplemented by aerial footage from drones

Sunday activities included a dog agility demonstration, sheep dog trials and an opportunity for getting dog training tips for individual pets. The afternoon was dominated by a horse jumping competition and demonstration. The extensive parkland, beautifully captured on video, facilitated a supplementary vintage and classic car show, which was marred by the occasional showers blowing through. However the video footage of owners trying to keep their cars dry and polished, riders maintaining their well-groomed cool alongside pipe-band kilts blowing embarrassingly in the wind has been reproduced and utilised by many TV channels.

The Gatcome Field weekend videos recorded and edited by OHVC has been used extensively not only by TV companies, but by the charity and contributing organisations for commercial promotional purposes. There has also been a significant demand from individuals for edited versions of personal interest.