Inspection Support & Report Generation

We have all read paper inspection reports which are dry and uninteresting even if ‘spiced-up’ by static colour photographs: Even if these are transposed onto computer files, they are no-less inhibiting.

The use of the international web, technological advancements and synergies between the inspection companies and report generators is now revolutionising the means of transmitting report information to the client.

Routine inspection reports may cover car sales, house surveys, building insurance structural surveys, inaccessible properties (roofs, towers, chimneys, trees), pre-construction surveys and quantification of repair work.

A recent client was contemplating purchase of an industrial site but needed assistance to quantify any outstanding repair works, probable buildings insurance costs and operating costs. This client also anticipated a further expansion on an adjacent site where ground-work costs needed quantifying.
By utilising drone based videos we were able to document the condition of all aspects of the buildings and facilities, including inaccessible locations such as roofs, gutters, chimneys and areas behind raw material stacks. The need for repair works could be quantified using drone mounted laser measurement on cracks and deteriorating surfaces; such finding were well documented with video recordings. These accurate reports enable repair work to be appropriately scheduled, especially where scaffolding or platform access will be required. Another set of videos utilising infra-red detectors recorded comparative heat loss from windows, doors, vents and roofs of the laboratories and offices; better enabling the client to explain why heating bills have been so high. A video of the aging boilers and complete heating systems further facilitated quantification of upgrade costs.
The expansion site for additional factory space was accurately surveyed and documented using laser based radar videoing; enabling volumes of earth removal and land-fill to be recorded and costed in detail.
The resulting detailed report utilising OHVC videos and technical recordings has generated client interest in having additional reports for other significant investment proposals.