Property Development Projects

The process of developing residential and commercial property sites can span many years. Well planned recording of development projects can make a big difference to facilitating the overall process.

Land-owners and investors need to be assured of financial success and an environmentally sound final product. Planning officers need to see well thought through plans; including design conception, well-engineered delivery, and environmentally sympathetic outcomes. Purchasers and lease-holders want to feel they have a well-engineered product with adequate utilities and good local support services.
A set of OHVC videos has recently convinced a regional developer to broaden the coverage we offer. A housing development with adjacent commercial facilities was recorded from initiating groundworks to fitting out and local landscaping.

These videos showed site access, machinery operation, materials delivery, utilities installation, construction activities, tradesmen working on fitting out of electrical, plumbing and heating systems, final decoration and gardens being laid. The videos included voice-over explanations of the construction process and the interactions between designers, planners, construction teams and marketing staff, all employed over a 2 year period to deliver a desirable final product. These videos also included aerial footage from drones showing how progress was systematic to the best use of available materials and craftsmen.
The OHVC videos are utilised successfully in promotional videos at the finished sales site and on various investor web-sites. The company has now requested that we get involved from the point of option generation and site selection to construction commencement; where concept design and planning processes interact over a significant time-frame, but are key to delivering a successful financial investment. Extensive aerial videos of existing landscapes and computer generated final development images are envisaged; showing relationships to existing infrastructure and regional 10 year planning cycles.