Student Project Website

Please note that this is a fictitious website built as a coursework project for a website design course. It is not a commercial or business website.

Inspection Support & Report Generation

We have all read paper inspection reports which are dry and uninteresting even if ‘spiced-up’ by static colour photographs: Even if these are transposed onto computer files, they are no-less inhibiting. The use of the international web, technological advancements and synergies between the inspection companies and report generators is now revolutionising the means of transmitting report information to the client.…

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Property Development Projects

The process of developing residential and commercial property sites can span many years. Well planned recording of development projects can make a big difference to facilitating the overall process. Land-owners and investors need to be assured of financial success and an environmentally sound final product. Planning officers need to see well thought through plans; including design conception, well-engineered delivery, and…

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Business Promotions & Marketing

Every commercial enterprise lives and dies by its marketing: Be it a one-man single trader or a large multinational organisation the ability to attract clients, staff and appropriate suppliers, could be the difference between success and failure. Promoting your work and your company and delivering the right company image are key in today’s modern, fast moving business environment.   The…

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Event Recordings & Promotions

Each event has an individual atmosphere, which can not be captured by still pictures, as per old fashioned newspapers and magazines. Modern media formats are better able to generate the desired effect by including video and sound recordings from the event.   Whether the event is a sporting activity, a commercial enterprise, a festival, a charity event or a personal…

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